Hit record…

In less than s week the group Bilte e Firmozes had 10,752 visitors on my professional profile of another social network….752 more than what I was among for, great milestone for the group.

In hopes that amongst these visitors there is perhaps one or two people who can afford to sponsor the group so they can come to the USA and perform for all our Albanian brothers and sisters.

And if they are no sponsors , then , if each person of the 10.000 plus who visited the site would just send $1.00 ( One Dollar ) to their fund they would be able to plan this trip.

If anyone wants to contact or donate to the group please do so by calling , Giovanni B. Busciacco ( if you speak Albanian or Italian) at: ‭011 39 377 4307405‬

Or you may contact me here for further directions.

Thank you and gave a blessed day!❤️

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